Raising money for the fight against cancer, and have fun doing it.

Celebrate Life! Artists Collaborating for Kids with Cancer

On May 5th, 2018 a celebration took place in the Courtyard at Stevens House, 10 South Prince Street, Lancaster! All proceeds from this FUN event benefited Camp Can Do Forever a summer camp in Mount Gretna where kids with cancer can just... be... KIDS!

Sixteen local artists created original works of art based on campers' drawings. These artists are amazing!

Painting by Jerome Hershey

Painting by Suk Shuglie

Drawing by Lucas, Age 8

Drawing by Grace, Age 17

Check out the amazing artwork donated! These artists are truly amazing...

Mixed Media by Alicia Byler

Drawing by Nivi

Painting by Fred Rodger

Drawing by Caellum, Age 9

Painting by Claire Giblin

Drawing by Jamall

Painting by Heidi Leitzke

Drawing by Christopher

Painting by Stacy Caldwell

Drawing by April, age 15

Guinness Pour by Kim Klabe

Drawing by Dylan, Age 17

Painting by Elaine Hartman

Drawing by Shelby, Age 15

Painting by Daniel Burns

Drawing by Ashlyn

Painting by Linda Stetina

Drawing by "Moose" Muzaffer

Collage by Mimi Shapiro

Drawing by Caellum, Age 9

Mixed Media by Kay Reist

Drawing by Nathan, Age 10

Painting by Nancy Cridland Baum

Drawing by Nivi

Painting by Wilbur M. Reeling

LIVE MUSIC by San Francisco's JOEL TAYLOR and Lancaster's own MONICA DeVITRY!!

Thanks to these fabulous sponsors!

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