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2007 Guests of Honor

Lanie Smith and Kim Kingsley

Lanie Smith and Kim Kingsley were both shocked when they each learned that they had stage one breast cancer on the same day - March 12, 2004. Yes, this mother and daughter were both diagnosed with cancer on the same day by two different doctors in two different locations. What an usual and terrifying experience it was for them. Doctors in Lancaster County were astonished by this occurrence. Three years later, they are both healthy and happy and they praise God for their recovery. With God's help, they supported and encouraged each other through cancer treatment and their positive attitude and courage have made them an excellent choice for this year's Celebration for Life Guests of Honor.

Kathleen Smith, better known as Lanie, lives in Strasburg with her wonderful husband Ken. They have raised five lovely children-Kim, Craig, Mark, Todd and Kelly. She is an active member of the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church in Quarryville where she sings in the choir. In her true positive spirit, Lanie proposes, "It's not what happens to you in life that matters, but how you react to what happens to you."

Kim Kingsley lives with her husband, Pete, and three children Ben, Ellie, and Zack in Lancaster. She is also an active member of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church where she teaches Sunday School. Also, Kim teaches Kindergarten at Smoketown Elementary School. Kim responds to her experience by saying, "What matters to me now is different then it was. I am grateful and appreciate life in a better way. I now know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Both Kim and Lanie are members of Quarryville Relay for Life teams and they have told their story to the Red Hatters. Join us at our fall events to hear more about Kim and Lanie's amazing story of hope. They have truly inspired many with their strength and courage.

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