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2015 Guest of Honor

Mrs. Lynn Witmer

This year we honor the amazing life of Mrs. Lynn Witmer who was nominated by her uncle and our 2002 Celebration for Life Guest of Honor, Ron "Uncle Gene" Henderson. Lynn is a triple negative stage III breast cancer survivor who proclaims, "Mammograms save lives!"

Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 10, 2008. Even after hearing this devastating news, Lynn returned to work and that is a demonstration of her determination. Her husband, Russ, and her family surprised her with a trip home to Alaska, where she was born. She recalls catching a 135 pound fish in Alaska one day and one week later having surgery. Only after three weeks of recovery time, she went back to work; although, she would often sleep in her car during her breaks. She overcame many struggles as she was very allergic to the chemotherapy and had blood clots in her port, but she prayed everyday and notes that she was determined to make sure nothing ever wore her down.

Lynn is grateful to her son, Timothy, and her grandchildren, Peyton and Dane, who came to help her during her chemotherapy treatments. They helped to lift her spirits. She recalled her experience on her 5th day of going to radiation alone, and she could not speak and she broke out into hives because of her fear. She remembered, "a hand came down and touched my face and I knew it was God. God said, 'stop centering on yourself. You are going to be fine.'" And from that day on she never had hives again and she turned her fear over to God.

Although her doctor originally thought she only had 2 years to live, this June 10th she will celebrate 7 years cancer free! She says, "people should never put a limit on me." She gives glory to God for her strength during her treatments and she is dedicated to helping others. Lynn has been participating in the Quarryville Relay for Life since 2001. Her team is called Trucking for a Cure. She proudly walks as a survivor and in memory of her father and her father-in-law. Lynn epitomizes the courage in the face of adversity we want to honor at our Celebration for Life events. We invite you join us at our events this year and meet this amazing woman.

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